The Economics of ObamaCare

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Orig Post Date:  2013.11.14
Source:  Ludwig von Mises Institute
My Comments:
Of particular interest to me is the secgtion titled, The “Unintended” But Entirely Predictable Effects, which explains how these "unintended" effects were entirely predictable, and But the President Said I Could Keep My Plan, which documents that administration officials were forecasting this outcome.  The Job Losses reiterates what anyone who has anyone with a modicum of understanding of economics expected to happen.
But the president continues to say these effects were not expected by him.  Either he is a total idiot or a bald faced teller of untruths.  Read the article and then you decide.


Monsanto’s Friends in High Places


Orig Post Date:  2013.11.09
Source:Ludwig von Mises Institute  
My Comments:
Interesting article on "politics as usual" and not just in the current administration.  How government policy is potentially shaped in ways that are not necessarily in the best interest of the American people.