Election - Candidate Information

It is my intent to post links to various web pages which state the positions of various candidates for elected office. As such I do not intend to post links to sites that are not either candidate's official web sites or valid (in my opinion) news sites. Don't look here for independently published negative web sites, if anything these abominations tend to influence me opposite to the way they intend. If you have a link to a site that should be on this page, send it to me via email and I will consider adding it. I plan on posting only on positions I will be eligible to vote on. Candidate websites will be listed in alphabetical order based on the candidate's party and last name. For candidates with no website I will look for a website giving positive information on them.
I will prefix candidates who have won their primary race with a "#". Those that I know are in a runoff with a "$". Those that are known to be out of it will be deleted from the list as I find the information.

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