Why write-in votes are a waste of time and how Nevada has a better option

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Date of Article:  2014-11-19
Source of Article:  AL.com/opinion
This is an idea that I have proposed in several political group discussions over the last few years.  My choice of implementation would include:
  1. "None of the Above" would be included as the last option for every position on the ballot. 
  2. None of the above would be binding.
  3. If it wins the nominations for the office would open up the day after the election and run for 2 weeks.  No party involvement in this runoff, they messed up the first time around.
  4. To qualify a potential candidate would have to gather signatures numbering at least 5% of the voter count from the just concluded election for that position.
  5. None of the candidates who lost to "None of the Above" would be eligible for nomination for any office in this current election cycle. 
  6. After two weeks nominations would close and the new slate of candidates would have 4 weeks to campaign.  Then the new election would be held, again "None of the Above" would be on the ballot.
  7. When the new year starts if any offices are still empty the outgoing governor could appoint temporary office holders who have not been eliminated from eligibility to run by "None of the Above".  Outgoing office holders who did not run for reelection would be eligible for appointment.
  8. None of these temporary appointees would be allowed to run for any still unfilled offices.
I feel this would place great pressure on the parties to make sure they nominate quality candidates the first time around.

Note to potential candidates:  Want to loose my vote?  Then put up negative adds using half-truths and innuendoThat's a guaranteed way to shift my vote to your opponent.  There were three contests this last time around where this happened. 

Tell me why I should vote for you and give me facts, not why I should not vote for your opponentIn the days of the internet fact checking is fairly easy as is checking the reliability of fact sources.