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Orig Post Date:  2013.11.19
Source:  Creators.com
Sometimes I disagree with the lady but I always read her opinions as I respect her ability to analyze a situation and draw conclusions based on on the facts and her own value system.  She almost always exposes enough of the facts to allow me to apply my own value system and draw my own conclusions.  That last paragraph ending with "Worked last time." is in my opinion a fine prophesy of where we are heading politically.
National health programs, which started with the very conservative Otto von Bismark in the 1880s, may be a good idea if implemented in a slow and carefully designed method so as to insure that it does not destroy the national economy.  The problem is Obama Care was implemented in neither a slow or carefully designed method.  Like many medicines, too much, too soon with no consideration for side effects can be fatal to an economy.

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