Blue Cross notifies 87,000 Alabama policy holders that plans don't meet Obamacare standards, won't be available next year

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Orig Post Date:  2013.10.29
Source:  AL.com
My Comments:
When companies lie in their ads they are charged and fined by the government and often forced to take back their products.  When politicians lie in their campaign ads it's just politics as usual.
  1.  Under Obamacare we will be able to keep our existing plans if we are happy with them.  This article gives witness to the falsehood of this statement.
  2. Obamacare will cause medical costs and premiums to go down.  Based on reports on new and existing policy costs this is another lie.
  3.  Obamacare will be good for the economy.  Based on the two previous statements one has to worry about the accuracy of this statement.
Someone's pants are definitely on fire and we the people have been duped.

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