Democracy and the Filibuster

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Orig Post Date:  2013.11.24
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Interesting article on the real history of the filibuster and the fact that this so called "nuclear. option" does not really have any constitutional issues nor does the filibuster date back to the time of the founders.
I do remember that it was not that long ago that the Republicans had a majority in the senate and threatened to adopt this same rule change when the Democrats were using the same tactics to block nominations coming to a vote.  The thing Sen Reid needs to remember is that when the tide swings the other way and the Republicans again a the majority they will already have this rule change already in place to block filibusters by the Democrats.
It a lot like the line-item-veto.  Both parties are willing to trust their president with this power but neither is willing to trust a president from the other party with this power.  Well what kept the nomination filibuster in place when the Republicans were in power was the fear of not being able to use it when they needed it.
I tend to think Sen Reid and his friends lost sight of this and will be insisting that the filibuster rule be reestablished when their party is again a lame duck majority.  The problem is the Republicans will then be able to restore this new rule rightly claiming the last minute rule change was the work of a lame duck majority.  If not changed back  by Reid and company the new Republican majority will not have any reason to change it to allow filibusters by their opponents.

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