An open letter to the Huntsville City Planning Commission

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Orig Post Date:  2014.01.31
Source:  AL.com
My Comments:
This is not my city but I find this article resonates with me.  I can see preventing a public nuance but poultry can be cage raised in a city without any problems.  When I was much younger I had cage raised quail in Mobile and none of our neighbors had a problem with it.  We moved the cages around over parts of our garden that were between crops giving us free fertalizer the next time we planted there.
The fact that these commissioners ignored the medical and science experts disturbs me.  It sounds to me like some of these appointed commissioners need to be fired including the one who dozed off with official business in progress.
By the way in my opinion having someone in the real estate business has no business being on a planning commission.  There is too much conflict of interest there from what I have observed in more than one city.

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