One Year Later, Unlocking Your Phone Is Still A Crime

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Orig Post Date:  2014.02.06
Source:  techcrunch.com
My Comments:
This article raises quite a few questions about who is telling us the truth.  Congress claims to be looking out for and protecting the consumer.  The Executive claims to support allowing unlocking while secretly negotiating a treaty which would outlaw it.
My personal preference is for Congress to pass a law which allows unlimited unlocking after the initial contract period is over and makes provision to allow for paying a disclosed at signing time prorated fee to allow for early ending of the contract and allowing unlocking.  it seems to me that the consumer owns their phone once the provisions of that contract have been met.
To disclose any personal interest:  I have no knowledge of any personal ownership of any telecommunications stock and have been with the same cell phone provider (through several corporate name changes and mergers) since I bought my first one many years ago.

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