Microsoft should get used to giving Windows away for free

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Orig Post Date:  2014.02.12
Source:  TechRepublic
My Comments:
Interesting article which raises some good questions.  Should Microsoft follow the author's advice?  I don't know but I know several XP users that have moved their systems over to Unix rather than pay for an upgrade to Windows.  To facilitate this they took the time to convert their data over to open source applications that are available on both Linux and Windows.  IE using either Open Office or Libre Office in place of Microsoft Office, Thunderbird in place of Outlook, GIMP for photo editing, and Audacity for audio track editing.
Disclaimer:  I still use Windows (7 & 8.1) and Microsoft Office though not Outlook.  I also use the named open source apps on Windows and Linux and have used several other operating systems and office productivity applications in the past.

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